“Create Kick-ass Landing Pages Fast by Swiping Award- and $$$-winning Patterns”

Introducing The Landing Page Cookbook — A practical guide for startups, marketers & designers who want to create better landing pages, faster.

Your landing page done in no time. The Landing Page Cookbook comes with a simple & effective system that cuts down on the theory and lets you get straight to building your landing page.

No expertise required. — By re-using patterns that have been extracted from the best landing pages around, you'll only need to spend a few minutes on each element of your landing page. 

​Learn from the best. With 500+ ready-to-swipe examples taken from hugely successful businesses like AppleStripe, Kissmetrics, or SumoMe, you'll be in good company.

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252 Pages — 23 Chapters — 128 Patterns — 500+ Ready-to-swipe Examples

Here's How You Cook Yourself A Badass Landing Page

The book follows a simple cooking metaphor: your landing page is built from ingredients that exist in different patterns (like say, red, yellow, and green peppers) and that can be combined to make delicious recipes (i.e. landing pages that sell).

1. Ingredients

Learn about all the ingredients that compose a good landing page, from the headline at the top to the last call to action — you won't miss any of the must-have elements. See the full list of ingredients in the table of contents.

2. Patterns

There are many ways to cook each ingredient — different types of headlines, different ways to design calls to action, and so on. The book offers you 128 ways and over 500 examples to pick from covering all the ingredients.

3. Recipes

If you want to cook from the book, you can go straight to the recipes and read the list of ingredients you need for your landing page, whether you're selling software as a service, a mobile app, a book, or a physical product

The easiest way to build a badass landing page for your product starts here

Finally Give Your Product the Landing Page It Deserves

Lots of startups and new businesses with little marketing experience fail to convince visitors to buy.

Not because their product is bad, but because their website sucks. If you can't communicate the value of your product clearly, you're missing huge opportunities.

By building a better landing page for your product, you increase your chances of success significantly.

Don't Reinvent The Wheel

With a collection of 128 carefully curated patterns and 500+ examples, you can find ideas & apply them to your landing page in a breeze.

No need to rack your brain for hours to find the perfect headline, call to action, or benefit statement.

Look at what the best landing pages on the web use, and adapt it to your website in seconds.

Need a good call to action? Pick one you like from over 40 illustrated examples.

The Most Thorough Book Ever Written on Landing Pages

Covers everything you might want to put on and around your landing page, without getting bogged down in the theoretical details.​ 

  • Ingredients
  • Recipes
  • Seasoning & Side Dishes
  • Tools & Resources

Part 1

Freshly Picked Ingredients, From The Best Landing Pages

From headline to footer, all the ingredients to build the best landing page you've ever had.

128 Patterns & 500+ Examples ready for re-use

1. Logos

§ What’s the Point of a Logo?

§ Why Your Logo Doesn’t Matter (Quite As Much As You Think)

§ How to Avoid Screwing up Your Logo

4 Patterns

25 Examples

2. Navigation

§ Why Experts Say You Shouldn’t Have a Navigation Bar (and Why They're Wrong)

§ Are You “closing the Loop” on Your Visitors?

6 Patterns

20 Examples

3. Headlines

§ Why Your Headline Is the Most Important Part of Your Hero Section

§ How to choose the right headline

§ Why There’s More Than One “headline” on Your Page

15 Patterns

46 Examples

4. Subheads

§ Why You Probably Need a Subhead

6 Patterns

15 Examples

5. Hero Images

§ Why You Need Images

§ Why Carousels Are Bad

§ Are Stock Photos Always Horrible?

§ The Only Thing You Can’t Afford to Overlook With Images

12 Patterns

31 Examples

6. Calls to Action

§ The Golden Rule for Calls to Action

§ How to Put the Action in “call to Action”

§ Not Just a Button?

§ 4 Rules to Design a Good Call to Action

8 Patterns

41 Examples

7. Benefits

§ How to Tell Features and Benefits Apart

§ The “So What?” Test for Benefits

7 Patterns

32 Examples

8. Features

§ What Is the “State of Awareness” of Your Visitor?

5 Patterns

9 Examples

9. How it Works

§ Why There Are Two Types of “How It Works” Sections

4 Patterns

25 Examples

10. Use Cases

§ Why Segmenting Your Audience Will Create Better Results

4 Patterns

6 Examples

11. Proof

§ Why All Proof Is Not “Social Proof”

§ Where to Use Proof?

12 Patterns

44 Examples

12. FAQs

§ Why FAQs Are for Sales, Not Customer Support

§ How to Uncover Your Customer’s Objections

3 Patterns

5 Examples

13. Pricing Tables

§ The #1 Question in People’s Mind

§ Should You Use a Separate Page for You Pricing Information?

§ How to Make a Good Pricing Table

3 Patterns

9 Examples

14. Forms

§ 7 Rules to Make a Good Form

4 Examples

15. Footers

§ What’s the Point of the Footer?

8 Patterns

16 Examples

No introduction. One page of instructions. And you're off to the races creating your best landing page ever.

Why I Wrote The Book

Because I got tired of seeing creators squander opportunities by failing to communicate why their product is any good.

I created the blog Your Landing Page Sucks! to deal with that, and the Landing Page Cookbook is the book-format, way-more-actionable version of the blog.

It condenses the most important insights about all aspects of landing pages, and gives you the best building blocks to accelerate the landing page creation process.

Sorry, but I'm a bit selfish — I also created the book for myself and use it constantly when creating new landing pages.

How Much Time, Effort & Money Have You Already Invested?

Your product needs a good landing page now. Whether you're just getting started or if you've already spent hours perfecting your landing page, the Cookbook will help you finish it today.

The Landing Page Cookbook

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